Hearing Impaired Girl’s Guide to Thursday Night Television: Mom


Crazy Eyes and a Wet Brad Pitt

Let’s discuss Mom and why I love this show.  I don’t much about addiction. Granted from what I’ve seen on episodes on countless episodes of Intervention and Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, addiction really isn’t a laughing matter. I do have to give this show props on trying to give it a light hearted look and with the comedy duo of Anna Faris and Allison Janney, it’s perfect. The chemistry between the two is strong enough that it makes a show about depressing topics fun to watch.

This latest episode involves Jamie Pressley as Jill being picked up from rehab by Christy (Anna Faris) and Bonnie (Allison Janney). Jill lives in the lap of luxury, the polar opposite of the world Christy and Bonnie live in. During a late night conversation between Bonnie and Christy in the theater of Jill’s home, both women find it strange that someone with so much could still be so miserable. Jill is more than miserable, she almost seems bipolar, One second, she is sobbing and the next, she is picking a fight with Christy about something. While I want to feel for Jill, she seems more like a caricature than an actual person. I love how both Anna Faris and Allison Janney can take even the craziest aspects of their character’s personalities and give them this vulnerable touch. This just seemed too out there. Granted, this is only Jamie Pressley’s second episode on Mom so perhaps they will continue to give her a few more layers.

Back at home, after spending the night with Jill, Christy gives a lecture over a family dinner, about the importance of family and how it doesn’t matter how much money you have. This immediately flies out the window when Jill shows up bearing expensive gifts for Christy and Bonnie, gifts they show off at the next AA meeting. Side note, I want both of the dresses Anna Faris and Allison Janney wore tonight.

It is at this meeting while Christy models her outfit, that Jill’s cracks deepen even further. Jill is deeply troubled and ends up collapsing on the floor of the meeting, apparently having relapsed which sends her to the hospital where her stomach needs to be pumped. At the hospital, they meet Jill’s ex who is the exact opposite of how she described. He’s kind and not at all like the monster he was described to be.  After dropping Jill off at rehab, Christy, Bonnie and the rest of the family house sit in the mansion, although it seems like it’s only for a week.

For as much as I question making a show about such serious topics into a comedy, I still like it. It shows that no matter what is going on, nothing is ever so serious that you can’t laugh or at least find the light. Mom is like the silver lining and Allison Janney and Anna Faris make it perfection.


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