The Hearing Impaired Girl’s Guide to Modern Family

Strangers in the Night

Dunphy Family

So a flower is left inside the mailbox of the Dunphy house and immediately everyone assumes it’s for Haley. Luke figures it’s someone who is obsessed with her and when Alex suggests it might be for her, it seems ridiculous to the rest of the family. I found this strange. While it is built up that Haley is the pretty sister, Alex is very pretty as well. Pretty and smart and also side note, Ariel Winter who plays Alex attends my old junior high and anyone who survives that school deserves all the accolades and boyfriends they can get! I want to mention something else, Sarah Hyland. There is something about her performance in Modern Family this season that seems vulnerable. Maybe it’s due to the tabloid stories of her personal life or what she’s been going through, but she has been incredible this season. It almost makes up for that time I saw her at Sharkey’s and I asked if she was Sarah Hyland and she said no.

Anyway, the entire Dunphy clan is convinced she’s not telling truth and she has invented an imaginary boyfriend. Phil wants to meet this boyfriend and believes Alex is not making up a boyfriend but, of course, before that can happen, Alex’s boyfriend does show up. His name is Alec and he’s moving to Africa.

Claire and Phil though are still convinced Alec is fake and when Alex suddenly gets a new boyfriend, a rebound, they still think she is making it up. They are terrified that she is so good at lying until the final scene when we see that her new boyfriend, Teddy Keys, does exist.


Mitchell and Cam buy a very pretty white couch that they don’t want to get dirty. Lily is not allowed near it unless she is clean and has no dirt. I’ve never been fond of this plot device of the fancy item that no one can touch because you know that won’t last. Also, I don’t have children but I do know that telling a young child that they can’t touch something for fear of making it dirty is about as effective as spitting in the wind and hoping it rains. Of course, enter Kristen Johnston who plays the sad divorcee who has a complete meltdown in Mitch’s office and ends up spending the night at Mitch and Cam’s house.  I like Kristen Johnston, she was fabulous on 3rd Rock from the Sun and here, she is a mess. I follow her on Twitter and she seems angry a lot.

It was also a little strange watching her act drunk. I don’t know if this is just me, but I always feel a little uneasy watching an actor who is very public in their struggles with addiction, start downing drinks. I know it’s not real alcohol, but there is just something I can’t quite put my finger on that just makes it hard to watch and it was difficult to watch Kristen Johnston pretend to be wasted.  Something about that, always takes me completely out of the show.

Of course, the point is to keep Brenda, played by Johnston, off the white couch. She’s drunk, she’s holding red wine over the couch. It’s all very slapsticky and fun and strange. I don’t know what it was about this plot that rubbed me the wrong way, but it just felt very played out and not quite true to the characters of Mitch and Cam.

Although, my favorite moment of the Tucker-Pritchett storyline is when Lily asks Cameron why their cat can sit on the white couch and not her. Cameron explains it’s because the cat is white which causes Lily to respond with, “hey, you chose me”.


Jay is going to a dog birthday. Gloria is annoyed, she does not like being surrounded by all these people who are way too into their dogs. She’s not a dog person person and ends up leaving the party to head home. Manny ends up being the voice of reason. He explains that the dog party was Jay’s way of finding common ground with her after all, Jay is doing a green party with Gloria the next day.

When Manny and Gloria arrive back at the party, Jay is actually upset that they’re back revealing that he had wanted them to storm out so he could use it as an excuse to get out of the green card party for Gloria.  Although, Manny was perfect in this episode. Every line  was hilarious and it is revealed he was behind Gloria to go back to the party and getting Jay out of the house….so he could watch his movie.


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