Hearing Impaired Girl’s Guide to The New Girl: LAXmas

New Girl: LAXmas
Before we begin: while I often question how educators are portrayed in sitcoms, I desperately want to see the Revenge Santa Christmas Horror Story being put on by Jess’ students. It just looks amazing on every level. I want to see it, someone please make this happen?

So now that Jess is officially dating hot British teacher, Ryan, he invites her to spend Christmas in London with him even though that is skipping seven relationship steps. With a little coaxing from Ryan, she decides to go and thus kicks off LAXmas. The gang is headed off to separate destinations for Christmas as they are all L.A. Transplants, so the holiday episode we get involves them being in the airport together.
New Girl does a fantastic job at showing exactly why I hate LAX because there are always too many people and they’re mean and this is all year round, not just Christmas. Although being a native of Los Angeles, I’ve never experienced LAX at Christmas so I  bet it sucks even more.  Due to the craziness of LAX, every flight is delayed and the group is stuck at the airport and unable to get to their destinations. Jess is going to London, Schmidt and CeCe are headed to New York  (Schmidt is going home to Long Island and CeCe to Manhattan), Nick and Winston are going to Chicago and Coach is going on vacation to Hawaii and will not feel bad about leaving his mother and niece in Detroit although he is feeling bad about it.  Jess tries to make things better by reasoning with Billy Eichner who plays the ticketing agent and can he be in everything, ever?

While Winston and Nick find out a way to get to Chicago, CeCe and Schmidt hang out in the first class lounge and Coach makes phone calls to his family, Jess drowns her sorrows in the strongest drink at the bar or a wine spritzer. Ryan has been sending her pictures of his super rich family and it’s making her feel less than stellar.  While at first she seeks solace in  Perverted Santa who looks suspiciously like Mr. Belding, Billy Eichner saves the day by getting rid of Perverted Santa and explaining to Jess the plan: drinking.

It’s a good plan….except when it’s not. Billy Eichner, who should be in everything, wasn’t very good at the advice giving and when Perverted Santa steals Jess’ gifts, she takes that as a sign that maybe she should not go to London to be with Ryan.

Watching Nick and Winston trying to get tickets was just hilarious and Nick’s plan was perfect too. After all, he was right because”it’s foolproof. Unless it doesn’t work.” Which can be said for a lot of plans. Coach talks to his sister and tries to not feel guilty about going to Detroit which, of course, does not work at all. There was also some progression in CeCe’s relationship when Schmidt puts his feelings for CeCe over status. I love these two together.

Those final moments are the reasons I love this episode and The New Girl. It’s the same thing I loved about Friends: it works best when no one else involved. When it’s just CeCe, Jess, Schmidt, Nick, Winston and Coach together, that’s when the magic happens. The chemistry between those actors is on par with the chemistry the Friends had and it’s always fun when they play together. When they’re standing there, convincing Jess to go….it’s perfect.



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