Hearing Impaired Girl’s Guide to Things That Annoyed Me in 2014

The following are 10 things that have annoyed me this year. Some are serious, some are not and all are mine. They may not have annoyed you, but they did annoy me so….there you go:

1.  Verbal Attacks/TMI stuff on Facebook

Every single year I say I’m going to quit. I don’t want to be on Facebook. I want to transport myself back to the 90’s when I could rest comfortably in my Tommy Hilfiger overalls and blue/green flannel jacket which I miss so dearly. Every single year, I want to be that person who in a fit of melodramatic rage screams, “I will deactivate you” and I have. There was that one time back in March for about 15 minutes, I deactivated my account and did anyone notice? Did anyone care? No. No, they did not and after those painful 15 minutes, I once again subjected myself to people becoming couch politicians. I like to imagine that while those people are ranting about stuff, they are actually doing so while sitting on their couch and keeping up with the Kardashians or maybe that’s just me doing that. People expose so much of themselves on interwebs….and I am probably guilty of this, but as we enter 2015, let’s ask ourselves, does the world care that we ate lunch/went to gym/did something kinda gross that you should probably keep to yourself? As we move forward into the new year, let’s also ask….is my life really that bad? If you got up in the morning, if you’re breathing, you dressed yourself, you have a home….then your life is pretty good and to those who constantly brag about how amazing their lives are….really?

2. Different definitions of feminism and attacking those who don’t share your definition (I don’t know how to phrase number two in a way that doesn’t sound weird)

Now according to the Google definition I just looked up, this is the meaning of Feminism:

“the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”.

It means that you believe men and women are equal. Politically. Socially. Economically. That I believe. Now, I am also very girly. I love pink. I love polka dots and things that are fluffy. I love shopping and cooking but not cleaning. I love wearing pretty clothes and spending hours at Sephora. I still adore Barbie Dolls and quite honestly, love every part of being a girl. I have been told that because of this, I am apparently blind to sexism. I have been told that I’m not really a feminist and I am some sort of anti-women’s rights advocate. Nowhere in that definition does it mention anything about loving pink. It is simply about believing men and women are equal in terms of politics, economics, and social status and that I do believe.

I also believe that as women, we must always be supportive of one another. Tearing each other down, verbally attacking, how does that help?  Let’s stick together girls, we got power in numbers.

3. Series Finale of How I Met Your Mother

Seriously? I was willing to overlook the countless times you ripped off Friends. I mean, come on….even a non-Friends fan knows the lobster analogy! I was willing to just move forward and enjoyed your way too long run. Then came that finale. Not since the Seinfeld finale have I built myself up with such anticipation only to be let down. You killed off the mother? How-why did you do such a thing? We meet the mother and then she dies….what was the point of the whole show? Yes, some people say that Rachel torpedoed her entire fashion career when she got off that plane and ended up with Ross at the end of Friends…but fans wanted Ross and Rachel to be together. Fans wanted to know who this mother was only to get a few moments and then she dies so Ted and Robin could get together in the end? I don’t understand such logic. Why?

4. Modern Family

I love you, Modern Family. I’ve loved you for so long, but the last few episodes have made me contemplate quitting you as well. First, you have Alex who is supposed to be the bright, nerdy female character and yet somehow because she is smart, she cannot have a boyfriend and when she does, her entire family thinks he’s imaginary. That’s really insulting and not at all funny and yet, Haley….who flunked out of college and parties a lot….she gets all the boys. I’m not sure this is the best message to send. Also, while I’m glad that Cam and Mitch are now nice to each other….they’ve now become stereotypes. Please get back to what you once were….funny. Oh, one more thing, having an episode where a character surprises another character with a new car….at a bar….a little bit odd.

5. All About That Bass

Here’s my issue with this song. While I love that it is about accepting your curves, it promotes acceptance while at the same time shaming women who might be naturally skinny or might not have curves. I love the point and yes, be proud of who you are but at the same time Meghan Trainor seems to be saying that being curvy is better than being skinny? It almost feels like she’s completely contradicting herself. Skinny, curvy, whatever….we’re all good.

6. Misuse of the Word “Brave”

Now the definition of brave is someone who is “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.” Why does Hollywood keep applying this definition to actresses who are appearing in movies looking unattractive. Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses. I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: The TV Version when it first aired. This movie Cake looks really good and no, she is not wearing make-up. She is not dressed cute. She is also not being brave. She is not in danger because she’s doing her job and a job that by all accounts, she wanted. She wanted the job. She got the job. She did what was necessary to do the job and she did a good job. That is all. This was also done with Charlize Theron when she played a serial killer in Monster. She wasn’t being brave, she was doing her job. So let’s leave apply to word brave to the people it truly belongs to…the people who really are putting their lives in danger or people who are really courageous, not actresses who are simply not putting on make-up for a role because it won’t fit the character. They are not brave for simply doing their job.

7. Weird words and/or Phrases

I would be very happy if the following words and/or phrase disappeared:

“Said no one ever”- this sounds sarcastic and a little mean and how does one know that the no one has ever said that thing ever? Was there a poll taken? A survey? Was there a party? Said everyone ever!!! Said no one ever just does not make sense.

“Bae”- According to the Urban Dictionary, it’s a Danish word meaning “poop” and it’s supposed to mean, “baby” to internet users. Have we become so lazy as a country that saying the word, “baby” takes too much effort? Oh my….that second syllable is just too much for me? I can’t take it.  Also, you’re calling your loved ones poop. So, “I love you, Bae” means, “I love you, poop”. Let that sink in.

“YOLO”–here’s my issue with this phrase….well, yes, you do only live once. Were people confused before? Did they not know? We all…..YOLO….or wait…LO? No one LO’s more than once. It’s kinda the circle of life.

“Twerk”–just stop. Are people still twerking? It looks painful and you can hurt yourself and I think even Miley has given up the twerk.

“Literally, I just can’t” and/or “I can’t even”—it’s not a sentence!  What can’t you even do? I don’t understand what that means and can we please discuss the correct use of the word, “literally”…because if you “literally” can’t do something, there’s a problem.

Man/girl crush–can’t we just say someone is an attractive human being? Do we have to add the “I have a man crush and/or girl crush”.  Is it okay to say, “you know, that person did well for themselves in the gene pool”. Can we all just go, “yes, Beyonce and/or George Clooney are very attractive people” without having to add the crush part?

8. Repetitive Tabloid Headlines

Dear Us Weekly, Star, etc…..

Please get new headlines. Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant nor is she getting married, so just move on. One other thing, it will be 10 years since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced and Brad Pitt got together with Angelina Jolie. Stop it. No one cares. Also, leave Bruce Jenner alone as the man is clearly going through something and it’s none of our business. One last thing, stop trying to make me feel bad about  Teresa and Joe Giudice. They’re criminals. Why should I feel bad that Teresa Giudice is not happy during the holidays? I feel for the kids. That’s about it. Don’t commit crimes then you will have a happy holiday. Seems easy enough to me.

9. Snubs…

Can we just stop with saying an actor and/or actress was snubbed? There are five categories for every single one of those major award shows. Five categories and tons of amazing performances and only five are chosen. It doesn’t mean that everyone else sucked, it just means that they could only choose five and no one will ever be happy with those five.

10. San Fernando Valley Hate

I don’t know where the San Fernando Valley Hate started but as a life long Valley person, I would like it to go away. Studio City is amazing with so much to do and Sherman Oaks is awesome. There is always a place to park and the studios all seem to be…..where? In the valley.  Westsiders, we drive over the hill every single time to see you and there is never a parking spot. So no more complaining about coming over here to see us. There are fantastic bars, restaurants and places to go.  Your car is not going to die if you come to the valley, my car has not yet once died coming to see you except that one time when I went to the dentist but that’s a different story.

So there’s my list….some important, most are probably not, but they are annoying so there!


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