Hearing Impaired Girl’s Guide to Pop Culture Things I am Looking Forward to in 2015

1. Friends cast members winning awards

Jennifer Aniston winning an Oscar for  Cake? Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc winning Emmy Awards for their respective roles in The Comeback and Episodes?  If this trifecta of wonderfulness happens, you may hear the heads and hearts of Friends fanatics everywhere exploding with glee. As every true Friends fan knows when something good happens to one of them it’s totally the same as if it were happening to us or one of our real life friends. Seriously. We’re a fanatical bunch. You’ve seen how we’ve carried on this rumor of a reunion? It’s been ten years, they’re not having one but we won’t stop imagining it nor will we stop making fake fliers for it and posting it on the internet.

2. Return of Shameless

If you have not been watching Shameless, I’m not sure I can know you. This show is phenomenal. Emmy Rossum knocks it out of the park every single time. She needs all the awards. Just all of them. Give them all to her. Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Grammys….maybe a golf trophy if you have one.  The Gallaghers are the most amazingly dysfunctional family ever. Whenever things get good, they find a way to sabotage it because that’s what they know, that’s their comfort zone. At the beginning of last season, Fiona had a good job and a cute boyfriend but then she accidentally let her little brother overdose on drugs and she ended up in prison. William H. Macy, who plays Frank Gallagher the family patriarch, spent most of last season half dead because he needed a liver transplant. You feel for this family, you understand this family and you’re also kinda glad you’re not part of it.  Oh and one more thing to the producers of Shameless, this show is not a comedy. I’m just saying….just throwing it out there.

3. Who Do You Think You Are?

Never has there been a show that has fascinated me as much as this. They say the most important lessons are the ones you learn outside of a classroom and wow, this show nails it. It takes actors, actresses, singers, athletes…anyone and follows their lineage as far back as it can go. Every story is so different. In history books you learn one story, one version of a particular moment. In this, you can have four different stories of someone’s experience with slavery or the war or the Holocaust because you’re exploring the lives of four different people. The celebrities are never really the star of the show.  While they do drive it by the questions they ask, the histories of these people are far more important. It opens your mind to so many different lives and to learn the history of people that you might not have known a lot about or thought you knew all you needed to know, just amazing. Who knew Quakers were so progressive? Thanks to Zooey Deschanel who apparently comes from a long line of Quakers, I know that now.

4.  House of Lies

Every season, I am convinced I am going to quit this show. I don’t like the characters  and I’m not even sure I understand what they do and they’re all just so awful to each other. I refuse, I will not get sucked into another season and then the finale happens and I realize, I can’t stop now. This is what happened last season. Every episode left me very close to deleting it off my TiVo in a fit of blind rage because I hate it, hate it, hate it. Why are these people so mean to each other? Can someone explain to me what they do? I don’t…I get so confused. Then on the season finale, Marty Kaan’s Kaan and Associates gets raided by the FBI thanks to a tip from a friend of Jeannie’s. Marty disappears into the desert and Jeannie takes control and, well, I have no choice. I have to find out what will happen next. How can I delete it now? So I thank you for House of Lies for filling me with the inability to actually stop watching. I think the credit needs to go to the actors and the writers who are terrific.

5. Orange is the New Black

So is Vee really dead? What will happen now that Piper and Alex are reunited? What’s going to go down with our favorite Litchfield inmates? Looking at the episode titles for season three, I am assuming there will be a lot of sex, a lot of drugs and something about eating kids? I could be wrong about the last one. I will be binge watching and posting spoilers about how shocked I am about things and I hope that we get more insight into the lives of all these characters. Some might disagree, but that’s always my favorite part: the flashbacks. How did these women get to where they are now? I think that’s the best part of the show. Well, that and everything else.

6. Series Finales: Mad Men, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation and Cougar Town

Mad Men- the second half of their final season is wrapping up this spring. I’ve loved watching this show, watching the accuracy of it and I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. While some episodes have been more exciting than others, it’s been an interesting, slightly trippy ride.

Parenthood-I am expecting to sob hysterically as the final episodes air in January. It’s a pretty well-known fact that they are killing off someone and that someone will probably Zeek. I also am convinced that Joel and Julia will get back together and all will end semi-well for the Bravermans. My one hope for these final episodes is that they focus more on the Braverman family. There was too much of Hank and his family earlier on this season which I didn’t quite like. We are saying goodbye to the Bravermans, not Hank and while I do love Ray Romano because who doesn’t? I mean, Everybody Loves Raymond–see what I did there?–I would hope the focus will be solely on the family.

Parks and Recreation- this show is severely underrated and I will be very sad to see this go. It had a brand of intelligent, slightly irreverent humor that made for six, now seven, glorious seasons. It may not have seen the ratings that maybe Big Bang Theory sees, but it should have. It definitely should have and with a cast that includes Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott and of course, the brillance that is Amy Pohler, the talent is unmatched. This show was clearly the best comedy on NBC since Friends ended. Okay, 30 Rock was awesome too….but other than that…

Cougar Town- It’s Friends when they’re older! I’ve always loved this show. It’s not quite grounded in reality and it doesn’t take itself seriously which is why it is so awesome. What I love is that it is quite apparent that these actors look like they are having the best time and it’s a party that I want to join! It’s all fun and games and a lot of red wine drinking. When it comes back, I will be there with my glass of white wine. My apologies to Courteney Cox but red wine gives me migraines and while I am a fan, I’m not a big enough fan to willingly give myself a migraine for entertainment purposes. I am looking forward to the ending of a show that really has nothing to do with cougars, but more to do with friends….no pun intended.

7. Episodes

If you liked The Comeback, you’ll love Episodes. Matt LeBlanc plays Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer will even be on it this season. By the end of last season, Matt LeBlanc, the character, was desperately trying to get himself killed off his show within a show, “Pucks”. This show skewers Hollywood and also makes fun the obsession with celebrity. If there were to ever be a Friends reunion, I am hoping it’s on Episodes because I think in real life, they all like each other and on Episodes, they all hate Matt LeBlanc so it would fun to see them mess with him.

8. New Shows

Better Call Saul- This show is premiering on February 8th and it should be interesting. It is starring the lawyer from Breaking Bad, Saul. It’s a prequel to Breaking Bad, it takes place six years before. Judging by the trailer, it looks funny and I would say very interesting. I wonder if Walt or Jesse will make appearances?

The Odd Couple-Matthew Perry is so talented and I will forever be a fan of Yvette Nicole Brown because she always takes the time to respond to her fans on Twitter so I have very high hopes for this show. I think Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon together will be amazing. They were a great team in 17 Again, so I’m sure the magic will continue. I do wonder though, if there is a flashback episode, will Zach Efron play Matthew Perry? It’s a modernized version of The Odd Couple and I was supposed to go see a taping but it was so full that I couldn’t get in and had to go home….so, I did….but that has to be a good sign.

9. House of Cards

So Frank Underwood is now the president? There is some weird stuff going on in the White House and no one really knows what is going on. I still want Kate Mara because I liked her character but who is going to die next? Frank now has the highest position in the land, he can’t go any further up so is it all going to come crashing down?

10. Big Brother

My summer obsession. I hope this season they get rid of the double HOH, that wasn’t fun and seemed rather pointless. If they do an all-stars, they should bring back Zach, Nicole, Dan, Britney, and Donny. This will be season 17 of Big Brother so what twists will there be? Unfortunately, we have to wait until summer to find out.


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