Hearing Impaired Girl’s Guide to Episodes (aka I don’t understand what meta means)

I’m not sure I understand what meta means but is it considered meta if you watch the first episode of Episodes while at the same time binge watching episodes of Friends on Netflix?  Currently, I’m watching the episodes where Joey tells Rachel he loves her and Rachel doesn’t return his feelings. This leads to awkwardness between the two and Rachel ends up telling Joey that her boss wants to buy her baby as a way of making things less weird.

Yet, while this is going on, I keep thinking about that episode of Episodes where Matt LeBlanc is on the phone, presumably with Courteney Cox, and explaining that he did not actually pee on Jennifer Aniston’s Emmy. It’s like some strange, warped fictional world where you have to constantly remind yourself that everything is not real. That the cast of Friends really does like each other in real life and Jennifer Aniston’s Emmy Award most likely does not smell like pee. Although word of advice to Ms. Aniston, just in case she does win that Oscar, keep it away from LeBlanc.

So anyway, I’m currently writing this while the binge watching of Friends continues and I’m still thinking about the newest episode of Episodes which I watched in between the binge watching. Sean and Beverly are back in Los Angeles to film episodes of Pucks that will never be seen. The networks are basically holding the actors hostage, keeping them from going to other projects while they fulfill their contract to film more episodes of the horrible, awful Pucks.

Another meta moment perhaps? I hope I’m using “meta” correctly but during an interview with the SAG Foundation, Jennifer Aniston told the story about how when she had gotten the part of Rachel on Friends, she was also hired on a show called, Muddling Through. The producers of Muddling Through apparently refused let Aniston out of her contract and for a few weeks, she had to film both that show and Friends. The interviewer mentioned that Jennifer Aniston’s story was the current plot line on Episodes and even Aniston, herself, wondered if the producers from Episodes had taken her real life story and applied it to the show. It does seem like that’s the case. The actors on Pucks desperately want to move on, Sean and Beverly want to go home and yet they are being forced to do more shows.  It feels a little meta? Right?

There’s also a new studio head at the network, Helen Bash. We don’t meet her yet, but we learn from Carol that she had an affair with Helen Bash’s husband and ended their marriage. I love Carol, Carol’s the best and the friendship between her and Beverly is terrific. This show takes place in a town where nothing is ever quite what it seems but the friendship between Beverly and Carol is honest and one of the more real things in a show that shines a light on the falseness in Hollywood and how everything can disappear in a moment….like 32 million dollars.

Oh yeah…there’s that. The character of Matt LeBlanc attends the funeral of his money man only to learn the guy stole half of his money. I love that Beverly and Sean try to show Matt LeBlanc how he can easily live off of the 31 million he still has left which Matt LeBlanc finds absurd. This leads to a drunken lecture about money in Hollywood which ends up resulting in a very important decision for Beverly and Sean which will prolong their stay in Hollywood.

This season is going to be amazing, although there was no Myra in this episode which, I hope, is only a one-time thing because she is awesome and amazing and awesome and just….amazing.  It seems like there will be further tension between Sean and Beverly and Matt LeBlanc will be there to make some more messes. David Schwimmer is also going to be on this season and that will be interesting. I can’t wait to see how they mess with each other. It’s about time the men of Friends reunite. I mean, the girls are great and it’s terrific to see them reunite. The Kimmel reunions between the girls were hilarious, but the guys need to have reunions of their own. It’s only fair.

Here is my final note to the producers of Episodes, I think if there is ever a Friends reunion, it needs to be on Episodes. Let’s make this happen people. How awesome would that be? You could take all the fantasies that we fans have and just do a show within a show and they’d all get mad a Matt LeBlanc. It would just be fun and it wouldn’t ruin the legacy of Friends which is why they will never do a real reunion movie. So can this happen? Pretty, please?


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