Hearing Impaired Girls Guide to The Odd Couple

I have been a fan of Matthew Perry’s since before Friends. I will fully admit to being a fan of his early work. Second Chances (1987) and Home Free (1993) were funny and enjoyable, I don’t care what anyone says.  I liked them a lot, although I am secretly happy Home Free was cancelled because if it had been a success, he wouldn’t have been on Friends but still, it was a lovely show. He was also was brilliant on 90210 and Growing Pains….and Who’s the Boss? So okay, I’m a fan. I love his style of humor and I will always regret not saying anything when I saw him at Coffee Bean that one time ten years ago. He was at The Coffee Bean that I used to meet all my JDates at…..missed opportunities. Although, I do know that Coffee Bean is like less than a mile away from the CBS Studios in Studio City.  No, I think the moment has passed. Besides, I’m in my 30’s. I meet my JDates at restaurants now.

Anyhoo, yeah, okay….back to The Odd Couple and Matthew Perry. Of course, I thought he was fantastic was on Friends. People that don’t think so are lying. I have also enjoyed his post-Friends stuff, too.  Studio 60 was addicting. Mr. Sunshine was bizarrely entertaining and Go On was sweet and as any normal person who hearts people they only know through the fictional characters they play, you want them to do well and I want The Odd Couple to do well. I want this to be a success because he’s really talented and funny and not bad to look at. I enjoy staring from afar……just not saying anything while standing next to him at a Coffee Bean. I even had jokes in my head ready to go….and he was at my Coffee Bean, on my turf.  I wonder if I could like relay the jokes I was going to say and he can let me know which one would have been the funniest. That’s all I want to know. Does anyone want to volunteer?

So, yeah, after watching the pilot of The Odd Couple tonight, I liked it. A lot. I didn’t watch the original because I wasn’t born yet when it went off the air. I knew the show, who doesn’t? Two mismatched roommates trying to live together in peace and semi-harmony. It’s a pairing that’s been done a lot. I mean, if The Big Bang Theory is filled with odd couples and this is taking a modern twist on an old story. It’s a new twist on old.

Matthew Perry plays Oscar Madison and Thomas Lennon plays Felix Unger and for a first episode, it was cute. I’ll be very honest, I don’t know if I loved the clips they showed in previews. Maybe it was out of context? I’m not sure but when I watched the full episode, there were definitely funny moments.

I have read other reviews and I don’t know if you can judge an entire show on the pilot episode. It doesn’t seem right to me. Isn’t that like deciding whether or not to commit to someone on the first date? It takes a few episodes to build a following. It takes a few dates to establish chemistry, so I’ll give it a few more tries. I can’t make a decision after one episode, I haven’t given it enough chances

I also really like the cast involved in this project.  In addition to Matthew Perry, there is Joey’s hand twin, aka Thomas Lennon.  While Thomas Lennon did appear on Friends, his scenes were not with Matthew Perry so really their chemistry was first witnessed when the two worked together on 17 Again with Zac Ephron.  So if they ever do a flashback episode, I’m really hoping Zac Ephron plays Matthew Perry. I’m also really hoping that Thomas Lennon wears his Reno 911 shorts. Although, he does wear spandex bike pants in the pilot…..so it’s kinda the same thing and I loved the last scene where Oscar balances a drink on Felix’s…..crotchel region. That wouldn’t have happened in the original Odd Couple.

While the show I’m sure will delve more into the relationship between Felix and Oscar, I can’t wait to see more of Lindsay Sloane and Yvette Nicole Brown.

First,  Lindsay Sloane was in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and looks like she is exactly the same age. She is a year older than I am in real life so now I want to know her skin care regime because it’s just not fair. Just saying….it’s not fair. She looks like she’s still twenty-five and I have wrinkles because I laugh too much although I am not laughing now, but that’s just ’cause I’m alone and that would just be weird. In the pilot, Lindsay plays  Emily,  the less attractive sister of Casey, played by Leslie Bibb. I’m really not sure how much I buy that, but it’s Hollywood. Sure, why not.

Next, there is the fantastic Yvette Nicole Brown who left Community for The Odd Couple due to the shorter work hours so she could take care of her father. She looks phenomenal, as well. Is it strange to say you truly admire someone you’ve never met? Amazing. On her Twitter, she talks about a health issue forcing her to lose weight. A few years ago, I had a health scare that forced me to lose fifty pounds. It so hard to make those changes, scare or not. I mean, no matter how many times we try to convince ourselves……kale will never taste as good as cheese fries, but sometimes you just have to have the kale, close your eyes and imagine the cheese fries.

Yvette is also very good as Dani, Oscar’s assistant and I hope they use her more. In this episode, her part was small and she should have gotten more screen time.  That would probably be my biggest complaint. I just can see a whole lot more fun there and I hope to see them interact more.

So okay bottom line…..was the show perfect? No.  What show is? It also If you look at the pilot of Friends, it could probably stand alone and seems like it belongs in a different show now. I recently watched the pilot episode of Modern Family and I’m glad I started watching that show later on.  I didn’t love the pilot, I love the show now. I just don’t think the fate of any show can be determined by one episode.

So I am going to keep watching because the actors in The Odd Couple are awesome, there’s chemistry and there is laughter. I laughed at the scene between Matthew Perry and Leslie Bibb in the kitchen of Oscar Madison’s apartment where Oscar is trying to convince Casey to be with him and I laughed.

Another reason I will keep watching is that I love watching shows where it’s so blatantly obvious that the cast likes each other in real life. There’s something always so sweet and real about that.  Whether it was the cast of  Friends or the cast of  Community, it’s impossible to hide that you truly adore someone and it comes across on screen and makes the show come alive even more. Yes, the characters can fight or be all dramatic, but as a fan, you want to know the actors are having just as much fun making it as you are watching it. So I’ll watch…..’cause I’m enjoying it.

I mean, Friends ended 11 years ago, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch ended 16 years ago, Reno 911 ended 6 years ago and Community is going to be just fine. I hope The Odd Couple is a hit. It deserves to be…..especially with a cast as talented as that.


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