The Magical Jungle Gym….

There is something that happens that only the children know….

During recess, after the teacher has let them go….

In the middle of the play structure, it stands tall…

Complete with monkey bars, swings, a slide and all….

In the midst of this wonderful contraption….

Sitting there in the most unassuming fashion….

A steering wheel in the middle of it all….

Only big enough for the very little and quite small…

With the wheel only big enough for the tiniest of hands…

As only the children know where it will land….

With a turn to the left and turn to the right….

They can turn the jungle gym right out of sight….

They could drive it down the street, up and down….

That magical jungle gym could go all over town….

There were trips to Disneyland and trips to the moon…

Trips home to simply watch cartoons….

Yet when the whistle blew and they could hear it near and far..

That jungle gym would go faster than any car….

Several turns to the right and then to the left…

They knew exactly where to put that jungle gym set…

                                         Right in the lines and right on the blacktop….

They knew exactly when and where to stop…

The whistle would blow again and they would jump off in time…

Then they would all stand in one perfect little line….

With winks and smiles between each of them as only they could know…

How to take that magical jungle gym and make it go….

They would quietly walk back to the class they knew all too well….

Wondering where to take the jungle gym next as only time would tell…


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