What to Watch: Summer Edition

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, there are books to read and birthday parties to have (namely mine which is super important) and there is also, television to watch. What you say? New TV? In the summer? Surely, you must be crazy and to that I say, no I am not and don’t call me Shirley. Sorry, I had to. I set myself up for the joke. Anyway, here is what I am looking forward this summer….

1. Big Brother 17 June 24

It’s the twistiest season yet even though every single season is the twistiest. With host Julie Chen back as always, viewers are once again taken for a wild and crazy ride.

First let’s give a shout out to my favorites from last season:

1. Nicole who is still with Hayden, by the way, which makes me far happier than it really should!

2. Zach who needs to come back this season and also needs to learn to whisper. Zach, if the hearing impaired chick watching thinks you’re being too loud…..you’re being too loud. I also think there needs to be a television show starring Zach and Frankie. It could be the summer version of The Odd Couple. It works. It’s also on CBS.

3. Donny because Donny….

Derrick was the winner last season and he was very reminiscent of Dan Gheesling who remains one of the best players to ever play the game.

If you haven’t seen this show here’s the rundown: A group of strangers are locked in a house with no access to the outside world. They are cut off from family, friends and there are competitions where they have to take each other out. There are alliances, powers of veto and slop which sounds super gross. I hope they don’t do a double head of household this season as they did last season. It seemed kind of pointless. Anyway,  they don’t give a lot away and there have been no hints or clues as to who the houseguests might be.

I do hope though that fans don’t go overboard as they tend to every summer. No calling employers trying to get houseguests fired from their real life jobs please, that’s unnecessary.

2. Orange is the New Black June 12

Is Vee really dead? Piper’s husband, played by Jason Biggs, is not appearing next season? Alex is back? What’s going to happen with Dayanara and Bennett?  Well, one thing is for certain, this season is apparently lighter which is what Jenji Kohan, who created the show, said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. I’m not entirely sure what that means in a television about women in prison. In this same interview, she also said that we would get more backstory which is really my favorite part of the show. I love seeing the stories of these women and how they ended up where they did.

3. Hollywood Game Night July 7

Hosted by Jane Lynch, this show stars groups of celebrities drinking and playing party games. It’s surprisingly fun to watch and hilariously funny. I enjoy watching the celebrities play against each other and making each other laugh. It’s an entertaining show to watch and Jane Lynch is terrific as the host. One request would be that they bring back some of the worst celebrity game players for a redemption round. It needs to be done.

4. Catfish: The TV Show July 8

It amazes me that in this day and age, people can still fall for a catfish but it happens. The stories get crazier and even more twisted and with Nev Schulman and Max Joseph leading the way, the ride will definitely get bumpy and twisty. The first half of this season was unbelievable. It was hard to believe some of these stories were true and it’s also hard to believe that all these catfish will just reveal themselves if Nev asks them to, but hey, it makes for good television.

5. Teen Mom 2 July 9

Leah is probably getting her second divorce. Janelle is going through something dramatic. Chelsea is awesome, as always and Kailyn is kinda cool. The moms who first appeared as teen moms on 16 and Pregnant continue their journey as moms who aren’t really teens anymore. We see their kids grow up and we see the four moms go through challenges and struggles of their own. Yes, it is a guilty pleasure and no, I do not care. The kids are cute and it’s fun to watch.

6. HBO Documentary Series

There’s one airing now called, Southern Rites, which is about segregated proms in the South. When you’ve had your fill of reality shows, tune into one or more of these documentaries that are shown on HBO throughout the summer. The docs deal with everything  from hot button issues, to controversial people and everything in between. They’re fascinating to watch. I recently watched Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck and it gave me such insight into this singer whom I had really just known through his music. I’m not sure I would ever have considered myself a die hard fan, just that I enjoyed his songs. I think it made me admire his work more but at the same time, not quite like him as a person. It was difficult to watch. There’s another one premiering on June 1st, called The Lion’s Mouth Opens which is about a woman finding out if she has inherited Huntington’s Disease.

7. Netflix

There will be new movies coming to Netflix like Cake and Life of Crime which will both be on Netflix in June. Scandal Season 4 will be premiering in case you missed it.  The Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made of and Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour will make their way to Netflix as well and just as Netflix is saying hello to new movies and television shows, they will also be saying farewell to the Babysitter’s Club television show (season 1) which will make me quite sad. So this summer might just be the perfect time to binge watch more shows on Netflix when you’re finished with Orange is the New Black.

So that concludes the What to Watch: Summer Edition. Watch, TiVo and maybe read a little….and before you know it fall television will be back!

Also, my birthday is in summer so that’s really the most important event happening….according to…..well, me.


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