Goodbye Web Therapy

According to Deadline, Web Therapy has been canceled by Showtime after four seasons.  Showtime’s president, David Nevins, explained to reporters at the TCA Summer Press Tour that there would be no fifth season for the largely improvised show which starred Lisa Kudrow as Fiona Wallice, an on-line therapist who turned every session into a way to get publicity for herself.  It was amazing to see Lisa Kudrow play the worst therapist ever. Everything they tell you not to do as a therapist, Fiona Wallice did while leaving a path of destruction behind her.

It featured a slew of amazing celebrities including Meryl Streep as a gay conversion therapist, Meg Ryan as a happy hoarder, Gwyneth Paltrow as a guru with anger management issues, Lily Tomlin as Fiona’s mother who came equipped with props and of course Julia Louis-Dreyfus as her sister and Dan Bucatinsky as her put-upon assistant, Jerome.  It also featured some very familiar Friends–see what I did there?

While Courteney Cox was featured on the on-line version of the series as a psychic who loses her powers, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry were all featured in the Showtime version. Schwimmer played a guy whose dad had a sexual relationship with Fiona and now he was all messed up and creepy. LeBlanc played a gambling addict with mob ties and Perry player a lying lawyer with a drinking problem and a lying problem. Interesting. I hope it goes back to being an on-line show because it will be missed, also Jennifer Aniston is the only one of the Friends who hasn’t done it yet and frankly it doesn’t seem very friendly to just stop making them because then Jennifer Aniston might have hurt feelings and that would be sad. So hear that people of the interwebs….don’t make Jennifer Aniston sad, make more Web Therapy.

This show really was quite amazing. It was improv and according to multiple interviews done by Kudrow, they started with an outline and went from there. The stories took on a life of its own and it ended with Christina Applegate playing an Olivia Pope type character who discovers that she is indeed the daughter of Lily Tomlin’s character, Putsy Hodge, and Fiona is actually not the child of Putsy Hodge and that episode ended with Fiona grinning wildly at that news. They can’t just end it that way. I hope something will be done to save this show. Maybe Hulu or Amazon or Netflix could pick it up? There are so many more options now to stream television shows and maybe it will find it’s home there since I am very sad to see this one go.


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