Chapter 1: Choose (the book I wrote)

I have been working on a Young Adult Fiction for many, many years and I thought I would share it with you.

What happens when all you’ve planned is destroyed by gunfire?  What happens when the world you know has been shattered and you have to choose whether to move forward or stay stuck? What do you choose?



A gunshot. Acid-like smell. Screams from somewhere. Screams from outside. Hiding in the closet. It’s dark. Dark. Tiny. Hockey stick poking me. I think. I don’t know. Pop. Pop. Scream. Door is jiggling. Faint sounds. Loud sounds. Movie set sounds. Horror movie sounds. Matt’s arm around me. His grip tight. My eyes closed. Can’t move. Can’t move if I wanted too. A cellphone rings. A rock song as a ring tone. A familiar beat. It’s silenced. Loud. Silent. Loud. Silent. Pop. Pop. Shane’s phone lights up. Goes dark. Lexie’s praying. Adam’s out there.


My baby brother. Where is he?

An anguished scream. A gut scream. The door jiggles. Hand reaches up to pull it shut. I don’t know who’s coming in? Who was that? They leave. We’re alive. I think. Sounds like paintball. Jennie said it’s not paintball. Shane said it was paintball. We were talking about something, some stupid movie, some stupid actor and then ran, the sounds of our shoes running almost in rhythm to the popping sound. Run. Pop. Run. Pop. Like some twisted music video where everything explodes or some movie. Action-packed stupid movie. Pop. Pop. Pop. A gun. A scream. A moan.

What’s the time? It’s morning. Still morning? Not sure. It’s September. Pop. Pop. Pop. It smells. Closet smells. Sports closet. Unwashed jersey smells. Sneakers sliding. Thumping sounds. Pop. Slide. Thump. Pop. Slide. Thump.

Door yanked. My eyes squeeze shut. My nose hurts. My lip hurts. I bite it. Blast of a gun. Bright light. Powdery smell. I feel sticky. Door slams.


Matt wrestles his jacket off and turns away from me. “Fuck,” he says again. He leans toward Zoey. My breath shortens. My heart beats fast. My voice has vanished.

I hear crying behind me. I pull him back. He’s trying to put his jacket on her to stop the blood.


I scream. It doesn’t sound like me. Kelly throws her arms around me. I grab Kelly’s shirt as she holds me tightly. Matt keeps trying to stop the blood, but soon he puts his head in his hands. He doesn’t turn toward me but I see his shoulders shake as he starts to cry.


My sister is dead.




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