Things I’d Like to Ask About Love: The TV Show not the Emotion

In today’s session of let us pretend I’m a super important journalist who asks the hard hitting questions or the not hard hitting questions but just stuff I’d like to know because it would make me happy.

I recently binge watched all of Love which is a new Netflix show created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust and is starring Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs. I can’t stop thinking about the show and I can’t stop thinking about whether not I loved it or hated it or need more time to think about it.

So here are some questions I have that I would love clarification on to help me decide whether or not I love it or hate it or I should find another hobby.

Am I supposed to root for Mickey?

While Gillian Jacobs did a fantastic job portraying the very broken Mickey, it was very hard to root for her. Mickey is clearly a drug addict and an alcoholic and a sex and love addict and she does go to meetings but I had a very difficult time rooting for her. She treated those around her horribly and I wondered why people kept putting up with her. Showing up at Gus’ job to yell at him, using her roommate Bertie, thinking everything was beneath her or stupid. There were times where I just didn’t like her and was torn between wanting to kick her and wanting to hug her.

If Love gets a second season, will we learn more about Gus and Mickey’s backgrounds?

There was a brief moment where we learn that Mickey doesn’t really talk with her mother and I want to know why. I really want to know about her background most of all. Why is she the way she is? What happened to her to get her to this point? Why did she name her cat Grandpa?

Is Love supposed to be a satire or a realistic portrayal of broken people in love?

Both Gus and Mickey seemed to be equally bad at relationships and both are incredibly self absorbed. Mickey’s self absorption comes in the mask of addiction but what was Gus’ excuse? Speaking of Gus, how did he even get a job as a studio teacher?  As an educator myself, it pained me how the education of a child actor is considered a petty little concern. Is this how education is viewed within the Hollywood system? Also, he cheated on a standardized test in order to make sure the Ayra (the child in question) passed and did not miss any shooting days and I have to wonder if this actually happened and if it did, wouldn’t it have raised many red flags?

Love is so complicated, much like the emotion itself. I loved binge watching all 10 episodes and while I’ve been told I should root for Mickey and feel bad for her because all of her problems are simply because of an addiction, I’m not sure how much I agree. She’s still pretty unlikable and in many ways, so is Gus. During their date at the Magic Castle which Mickey hated and got them kicked out of, I kept wondering why Gus didn’t ask her what she would do, how could he make her happy? If Mickey’s problems are all due to addiction then why aren’t any of her friends staging an intervention?

I have so many questions and I so hope that this show returns again so I can get them all answered….and quickly.

Oh, one last thing….kinda love how their line is “Love. We’ve all been there.” Really? There? I’ve never quite been…..there. I’ve never been high on drugs riding through the L.A. subway system with Andy Dick although I’m sure many have.







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