Fuller House: Does What it Came Here to Do

There have been so many negative reviews about Fuller House. It’s been basically slammed across the board by critics talking how sappy it is or how it’s as Ned Ehrbar wrote in his Wrap review, “Nostalgia gone wrong”. Now, I will do the only mature thing I can think of besides singing, “Everywhere You Look” at the top of my lungs is argue that it’s nostalgia done right. So here in my, “let’s pretend I’m a legit journalist” discussion…..let’s discuss:

Fuller House catches up with two out of the three Tanner Sisters (DJ and Stephanie) as well as Kimmy Gibbler, the annoying neighbor. Stephanie, who is now working as a successful DJ, and Kimmy, who is now a party planner, move in with DJ to help her raise her three sons after her husband dies. The pilot episode is more about reintroducing these characters. Is it realistic that Stephanie would be able to clear her apparently busy schedule in order to be with her sister? Probably not. In real life, wouldn’t there be some sort of breach of contract lawsuit thrown her way if she just decided to cancel all of her professional obligations at the last minute in order to stay home with her sister? Most likely. Then again, realism was never the point of Full House so why would it be the point of Fuller House?

Ned Ehrbar of The Wrap describes the series as an “irritating mix of sappy” but wasn’t it always? Every episode ended with sappy music and a life lesson. It was always sappy. Fuller House is Full House. Three kids and a widow along with some not-so-subtle jabs at the Olsen Twins. They’re in New York, they’re building their fashion empire and when Stephanie talks about changing Michelle’s diaper, she jokes that sometimes it felt like there was two of them and while I do agree with Ehrbar’s comment that at times you’ll feel like you’re “watching a Saturday Night Live skit version of the show,”  I wonder if that’s the point.

They aren’t trying to reinvent anything. Even the house is only slightly modernized as are the story lines. There have been plenty of interviews where the actors even mentioned that they’re not trying to improve on the original concept and that it’s simply all in good fun. Maybe the problem is that if you’re expecting Fuller House: The Orange is the New Black edition then you’ll probably be disappointed. Although, not gonna lie….that would be an interesting crossover.

I enjoyed the show for exactly what it was, good, cheesy fun. The original Full House was not ground breaking television. Stephanie could drive a car into her house in one episode and by the next, the house was completely fixed. Now, as the child of an architect, I can attest to the fact that without a doubt it does not take construction crews thirty minutes to an hour or even a week to fix…..anything.  Full House was escapism television at it’s finest. It was just a lovely little ball of fluff for thirty minutes on a Friday. So to see it still be that lovely little ball of fluff all these years later, was just comforting….like a big bowl of macaroni and cheese. It’s just nice.

Now, it was also just announced that Fuller House has been renewed for its second season, so get ready for another lovely bowl of mac and cheese and maybe the answer to what did actually happen to predictability?

Ooooo, final thought–maybe the answer to the question posed in the theme song is in the show? Whatever happened to predictability? It’s in Fuller House. It’s predictable and less fattening than that bowl of mac and cheese.




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