Why Jennifer Aniston’s Op-Ed Matters…and also I pretend to be an entertainment journalist again

Back in 2004, the cast of Friends sat down with Oprah to discuss the end of the series. At the time, Courteney Cox was pregnant, Matt LeBlanc’s then-wife who was in the audience was pregnant and Lisa Kudrow’s son was about five.They talked about babies, weddings, Matthew Perry’s struggles with addiction and how much the six of them loved each other. Oprah had each cast member give a little eulogy of sorts on what they adored the most about the other. Jennifer Aniston, to anyone who has seen this interview, cried through the entire show. She had trouble getting words out and her love of those five was truly felt. It was during that interview that Oprah also asked if Aniston was planning on having babies with her husband at the time, Brad Pitt.

I do not know for certain if this is when the “Jennifer Aniston wanting babies narrative” officially began or if it began earlier but I remember in that moment of pure emotion, with her job ending after ten years, a job that by all reports she loved, she had said yes. Watching that interview again, I can’t help but wonder if Oprah had followed up the question with, “and would you like six children named Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey” would she have said yes to that as well?  It was the question and the  timing which was all manipulated to get a certain answer and she gave the answer. Overwhelmed by emotion, sitting by five people whom she had worked so closely with for ten years, at that moment she may have indeed wanted six children so she could name them Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey and never let go of those characters.

Friends ended though and the narrative continued. She and Brad Pitt divorced, she dated like a boss and yet every single week it seems yet another glossy headline in neon screams about how Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. I, as a fan, have been sitting back and waiting the moment in which she snaps.

My fantasy was that a reporter would ask her one more time about Brad Pitt and also when she wanted to have children and then she would just transform into some action superhero kickboxer girl and alternate between kicking and cussing out the reporter who asked yet again. Of course, leave it to Jennifer Aniston to choose a much more classy and less violent way. She wrote an Op-Ed for Huffington Post where she called out the tabloids for keeping this story alive. Where an unflattering paparazzi photo where she was sort of slouching was instantly equated with her being pregnant.

The link to this piece is here:

Women everywhere applauded her and Piers Morgan went against her referring to the hundreds of glossy magazine photos that Jennifer Aniston poses for. This made me scratch my head wondering if Piers Morgan knew the difference between a photo that she wasn’t aware was being taken and a photo shoot where she gets all made up and fancy. The narrative does need to stop. This is someone who has had an eclectic career, parts that are intriguing and some I have questions about. No woman wants to discuss a painful break up she had twelve years ago, even if that break up was with Brad Pitt. The question of having children is a personal one for every woman. Does she want one? Does she not? Maybe she has her reasons and maybe it’s none of our business.

In fact, I have many other questions that I would love to ask Jennifer Aniston if I ever got the chance to interview her and here is the part where I play pretend and be ridiculously presumptuous and suggest some questions of my own. Sure, why not? That’s professional….or not.

Okay, here I go:

  1. An apology. Yes, I know that seems strange but I have my reasons.  In 1995, I was a teenager and Jennifer Aniston had a haircut. It was the Rachel ‘Do. I wanted that haircut, got it and then looked like an electrocuted poodle. She has since stated many times over that she hated that hair style and my teenaged self is still bitter and would have liked this information back in the 90’s. So I would like an apology.
  2. Will she be doing more independent films? Friends with Money. Good Girl. Cake. She has often been accused of playing Rachel Green in every movie, watch those three and it’s clear that this woman has talent. I love when she plays these roles and I hope she chooses more.
  3. Speaking of Cake, she played a woman struggling with a painkiller addiction. She spent ten years on a television show working with Matthew Perry, someone who has been very vocal about his struggles with painkillers. Did she talk to him while researching? Did it give her more insight into what he went through?
  4. Also, it has been said that she is the type of actress who works from her heart, reacting off of what someone else has said or done. Addiction is said to be a very selfish disease, so did she have to change her process? Change how she took on the character.
  5.  What about favorite directors? Favorite roles? Anything she would like to appear on?  Can we please give Leprechaun the love it truly deserves?

So maybe these questions are awesome, maybe not and people will be using these questions as the exact reason why I should not be employed in entertainment. Whatever the end result might be. I just think there’s so much there and so much more to talk about. This whole thing has grown tired.  Let’s discuss something else, perhaps let’s discuss an actress that’s had a long career that has seen some amazing ups and some painful downs. Let’s talk about the career, there’s gotta be some more entertaining answers there then her reps once again having to release yet another statement saying that their client is not pregnant.


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