Best and Worst Shows of the Summer

As summer winds down, we are saying farewell to best and worst shows of the summer and ushering in fall television. So as we countdown to pumpkin spice latte weather, let’s take a quick look back at what has been the best and what has been the worst:


Orange is the New Black  (Netflix)

Season 4 began with death and ended with death.  Some of the story lines were a little on the wacky side with Lolly building a time machine, some were heartbreaking especially when watching Sophia Burset fighting to survive in SHU. That ending though was one no one saw coming, watching the relationship blossom between Poussey and Soso was one of the sweetest stories to come out of Litchfield and to see it end so violently was horrifying and depressing.


BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

If you have not watched this brilliant cartoon which is not intended for children then you’re missing out and season 3 was even better than the first two. BoJack was accidentally nominated for an Oscar, there’s a downward spiral as there always is with BoJack and this leads to someone close to him dying of a drug overdose. It’s a satirical look at pop culture done incredibly well. There’s also a cameo by Jessica Biel who is basically making fun of herself in such a way that will make me a fan of her’s forever and there are some lines that you will be repeating to your friends or to yourself or if you eat salsa in New York City.


The Night Of  (HBO)

After a crazy, insane night with a mysterious woman named Andrea, she ends up dead and Naz Khan, the Pakistani-American man who was with her ends up being charged with murdering her. Every part of this series is riveting as it takes you through the justice system as well as the impact the crime has on everyone sounding Naz. It’s become almost a ripple effect series, with each episode getting bigger and bigger. It’s still airing and whether or not he actually did it remains to be seen although it’s not looking good. Oh and one last thing, I love how you aren’t necessarily sure if you should feel bad for Naz. He could have done it or maybe not. He’s kinda become a tortured anti-hero.


Stranger Things (Netflix)

A throwback to the 80’s, hey it even stars Winona Ryder, mixed in with some ET and the Goonies….children of the 80’s will adore the nostalgia that comes with this show. I know this for a fact because I am a child of the 80’s therefore what I say is true. Okay, so a child vanishes, weird stuff keeps happening in a small town that affects everyone in it and I just don’t want to spoil anything but you should also watch it while eating Eggos. It’s all so bizarre, so terrifying and so very, very strange.



Feed the Beast (AMC)

Labeling this as the worst makes me sad. It stars David Schwimmer and whenever there is anything starring one of those iconic Friends actors, I desperately cling to the fact that it will be good and/or get better. This wasn’t it. There’s Tommy who’s an alcoholic sommelier, Dion who is an ex-con expert chef and they’re opening a restaurant and doing it in a very shady way. It felt like they were trying to be in the vein of other antiheroes like Tony Soprano and Walter White but the difference was that Tony Soprano and Walter White were good at their jobs. You did actually root for them despite the fact that people died because of them. Tommy and Dion were not only horrible at their jobs, there was nothing that made me want to root for them.  I just gave up.


Unreal  (Lifetime)

The first season was phenomenal, sure it was a little over the top but it was good. Having worked on a reality show, I will admit there was a lot of manipulation but the second season was where it went from a little over the top to are you kidding me? The first season had a bit of a footing in realism, the second season did not. Murder, public humiliation and having a contestant have some….well….bathroom issues were some of the “are you kidding moments?” Unreal has always been a bit unreal but it crossed over into bizarre. There is always a bit of willing suspension of disbelief when watching any television show but I think this season they took that willingness way too far.


Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars (WE)

Not sure this show even counts. I love a good reality show.  I love a bad reality show. This time, they had Tara Reid who apparently thinks she’s got Meryl Streep level fame and her friend, Dean. I will never understand how these couples okay being exploited the way they are. There’s an activity where one half of a couple pretends to be dead and the other has to say things to them. It’s awful and I will never quite understand the need to put yourself through that kind of pain. Although, it did have Tara Reid who had several meltdowns while she declared that in fact her name was Tara Reid and none of her cast mates would ever be in her movies. So there was that.


Maya and Marty (NBC)

They tried it with Neil Patrick Harris and they tried it with Maya Rudolph and Martin Short. The days of the variety show have faded. Even Saturday Night Live doesn’t necessarily get the same traction it used to. People just don’t care anymore about shows that involve singing and dancing. The jokes are always cheesy and no one tunes in. If you want to watch a fantastic variety show then watch old reruns of The Carol Burnett Show and let’s just leave them as nostalgic things of the past like hair scrunchies and Beanie babies.


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