Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (fall) AKA: the Final Four Words and Empty Cups of Coffee


So this was how it was meant to end.



“I’m pregnant.”

With those four words. That’s how Amy Sherman Palladino had meant to end the series back in 2007 although there is no way of knowing the exact context. Would it have been after Lorelai and Luke’s wedding? Would she still be with Logan? Would they have broken up? Would that marriage proposal still have happened?  Would Rory have gotten that reporter job working for the Obama campaign. This whole being “stuck” thing takes on a whole new meaning. Emily, Lorelai and Rory were stuck.  Stuck on the circle which also seems to be a theme here, that circle of life and with those four words, the circle of life continues but instead of it happening to Rory when she was 22, 23, it’s happening now at 32 when it does not seem that shocking especially considering that her two best friends, Lane and Paris, have families.  Although when you consider that Rory is the exact age Lorelai was when the series began in 2000, maybe it works as a set up. Although, Lorelai did have a job and had worked pretty hard to give herself and her daughter a pretty stable life but then again, maybe that’s how it goes. Coming full circle, always. That was the line most uttered throughout this series. Despite opportunities to break the cycle, we never quite get away from ourselves?

Now, I do have a slight problem with when those words were uttered because it seems like a pattern with Rory, a cycle with her, that when her mom gets a chance to be in the spotlight, Rory needs to turn it back on her. She had done that once in an earlier episode when Lorelai was graduating business school and Rory had gone to New York with Jess and now she was using the day after Lorelai’s wedding to Luke to drop that bombshell. It reminded me of what I disliked about the Chandler and Monica wedding episodes from Friends. They ended up being about Rachel’s pregnancy and I kept thinking, Chandler and Monica couldn’t have one moment that’s theirs? I had the same feeling here as well. I wish they had just let Luke and Lorelai have their moment. They did have a wonderful moment before the wedding and watching them get married was even better but I wish those four words had been said during a moment that wasn’t supposed to be about Luke and Lorelai.

Now, let’s give some credit to Kirk for that wedding. Kirk who began the revival with a car service called Ooober–a worse version of Uber–and a running gag has been his never ending list of jobs, that wedding was perfect. It was stunning. Realistically, it probably should have happened nine years ago and while I think a lot of the Luke and Lorelai tension was set up just so they could give them something to do, if we had not seen the Luke and Lorelai wedding, fans would have felt cheated. So seeing them finally make that connection was finally closing the book on their story. Lorelai became unstuck and can we also please go back to her Wild moment. Okay, so she was never going to hike along  the Pacific Crest Trail but that moment, her breakthrough when she called Emily to tell her a story about her father and her 13th birthday. Can we please just give Lauren Graham an Emmy? What else does this woman need to do? That scene, the one where she tells a story, the one thing Emily wanted her to do back in Winter, that was heart wrenching. For a moment, I wondered if we were watching Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore or were we watching Lauren Graham? It was truly a beautiful moment and her return to Stars Hollow, to Luke and listening to him fight for their relationship and her response to him was that they needed to get married. She’s right, they did wait too long. It needed to happen. It would always be those two and watching their wedding, it was perfect. It was time.

Emily’s story ended with her moving forward as well, selling the house, moving to Nantucket and terrifying children in a museum. She would still be part of Lorelai’s life as they decided to use the money that Richard had left for Luke to franchise his diner to open a second Dragonfly location so Lorelai would not lose Michel.  Emily was starting over with her maid and her maid’s family. The images of her walking through her new home, kissing the smaller painting of Richard, she just finally seemed at peace or as much at peace as she could be. Kelly Bishop is the queen of silences. Her looks spoke more than her words ever did and watching her silently wander through her new life was both heartbreaking and yet encouraging. Emily Gilmore will be just fine.

Now Rory’s story, is it continuing? It seemed obvious that Logan is the father but nine years ago, Logan was not engaged to someone else. So what will happen now? Will she tell Logan? What about Jess? We know from the brief scene between Dean and Rory that Dean is married with kids and there’s nothing between them but Jess? Is Jess Rory’s Luke? Logan is Rory’s Christopher? Rory did meet with Christopher and that conversation between them makes such sense now but is Rory planning on telling Logan? Jess does still have feelings for her as we saw in this episode but what now? Her life does mirror her mother’s so perhaps her being a single mom at 32 which is how Gilmore Girls began is the new life for Rory.

In addition to Rory being pregnant, there’s also Rory’s book which Lorelai seemed to give her permission to write with a quick note that instead of it being called The Gilmore Girls, it should be called Gilmore Girls.  This ending left people divided much how the Sopranos did with it it’s fade to black ending but I’m not sure if this ending works or would it have worked better in 2007?

Once last thing…..the Life and Death Brigade? This segment was truly ridiculous. Was she ever that close to those guys and basically we’re supposed to watch them break into Doose’s Market and toss money around, drive clearly intoxicated while drinking in a car and buy a club and still root for Rory? That whole part was beyond ridiculous especially when considering the ages of the characters. They are so disrespectful and rude and I wondered why they were there in the first place? This part made me wonder more about Rory and her struggles between her worlds. Does she want to be in this world of the Life and Death Brigade or the world of guys like Luke and Jess? Maybe this is her struggle? This is where the spin off lies but can they even do a spin off. Emily and Lorelai’s stories are done. So what now? Maybe that’s for us to discover or maybe we’re just not supposed to know.

P.S. Sookie’s part in this revival is too small. Maybe more of her and less of the Life and Death Brigade?

P.P.S. Another thing that I wondered about, both Emily and Lorelai have these intense monologues about Richard where they show a break-through and rocked by his death. Rory seemed almost unfazed? Where was Rory’s moment where she talked about Richard? Where she eulogized him? That was missing.



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