Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Spring) aka My Problems with Rory Gilmore


Perhaps part of ignoring season seven, part of just pretending is accepting that Luke and Lorelai have not grown as a couple in nine years. While it is still hard to believe that they have no issues and have not had any serious discussions with regards to their relationship, the revival is asking us to just go with it. Maybe they’re stuck in time and the death of Richard Gilmore is the thing that causes change, causes Lorelai to realize how stuck she is. I love that Spring kicks off in a therapy session, although I think Lorelai and Emily probably could have used therapy many years ago. Seeing them finally in therapy is pretty remarkable and when Lorelai continues to attend the sessions after Emily quits, it does give some insight into Lorelai’s feelings. Perhaps she’s having a midlife crisis? Everyone is moving forward or doing something and she’s still where she was almost a decade earlier? Luke and Lorelai decided not to go through with surrogacy and Lorelai is in her own way, struggling.

I relate to Lorelai more in this story. I understand that feeling of becoming too complacent, just accepting how things are and then something happens to change all that. Despite the willing suspension of disbelief that Luke and Lorelai have not changed at all, it is an interesting premise. They are keeping their lives separate. They are not married, they are roommates. Emily, despite the harshness of her comments, shines light on that. The death of her father shines an even bigger light.

Now, the person that needs discussing the most in this part of the series is Rory. Oh, Rory. What happened? Did she peak in high school? We find out that Logan is engaged so not only is she cheating on her boyfriend, but she’s also hooking up with a guy who is engaged to someone else. Didn’t she do that with Dean? She slept with Dean while he was married to someone else? She destroyed Dean’s marriage with no consequences and yet she’s completely mortified when she has a one-night-stand with a guy dressed in a Wookie costume while trying and failing to do a piece on lines for GQ. That’s the thing she’s the most mortified about? Not the part where she flies to London for a booty call with an ex-boyfriend who’s engaged to be married?

Speaking of her piece for GQ which was supposed to be on line culture and why people stand in line. While the piece is kind of lame, many fans have pointed out that there were two possible hooks for this story that had Rory actually been a competent journalist, probably would have picked up on.

  1. She brings Lorelai along with her to do this story and Lorelai, being charming and bubbly, managed to bypass the lines twice and get food and shoes. That could have been an interesting angle. Lorelai’s personality got her past the lines and also a cameo with Lauren Graham’s other on-screen daughter, Mae Whitman from Parenthood.
  2. Rory also completely ignores the part where people are standing behind a couple people eating lunch, standing in line for reasons they aren’t sure about. She could have written about people just standing together in a line because they think there’s something when there really isn’t anything. That whole sheep mentality that if everyone else is doing it, it must be something.

Instead, Rory falls asleep while trying to interview someone. We’re supposed to believe that this is some writing prodigy. This is someone who in high school apparently took an article about repaving a parking lot and made it into some literary masterpiece. She couldn’t find the hook in the story about lines? She couldn’t figure out how to make this into something? She finally lands this interview thanks to her having to ask Mitch Huntzberger for help which is odd in itself but perhaps given her level of desperation, not surprising. She gets this chance and she blows it. She has an opportunity to prove Mitch wrong but instead by not finding a story, falling asleep while interviewing someone and hooking up with a Wookie, she proves him right. He was the one that sent her spiraling when he told her she didn’t have what it took to be a journalist. She stole a yacht because he criticized her and she did swallow her pride by asking for his help so why wouldn’t she want to prove him wrong?

Speaking of her career as a journalist, here’s where I’m not going to ignore season seven. She ended season seven as a reporter for Obama’s campaign. She made no contacts? No connections? It was as if that job never existed for her and yet for the fans it did. She was on a campaign working for someone who won the presidential election. That’s got to give her some credit. She should have some leverage from that and yet she has none? What has she been doing?

Another thing, if she’s freelancing, she would also know how to pitch. When she finally went in for the interview with the Sandee Says website that had been aggressively headhunting her, it was completely unprofessional that she had no pitch and was so unprepared. Yes, Sandee’s pursuit of Rory did border on extreme and yes, one could see it being weird that it suddenly turned into a job interview but for Rory to not have anything prepared is a sign of arrogance on her part. We’ve all had interviews where a question comes up that might throw us off balance, but if she’s had the experience that we’re supposed to believe Rory has had by this point then she shouldn’t have been thrown off balance.

I question so many of Rory’s choices in this episode. While Lorelai and Emily’s choices are rooted in change and feeling stuck, feelings brought on by the death of Richard. Rory seems to be in her own world. The choices she seems to be making are not that of a thirty two year old but instead of a twenty two year old. By thirty two, being that arrogant about a job is not an attractive quality.

Now some other observations. Paris and Doyle are separated? Of course, it was very meta even though I still don’t know what that means. Doyle has become a successful screenwriter. The actor who plays Doyle is Danny Strong who created Empire. Not sure how I feel about this separation. They are a team and should remain one. While I love Paris and loved her “pep talk” to the students of Chilton during the alumni event, I could have done without the freak out over the  Tristan look-a-like. They clearly could not get Chad Michael Murray to reprise his role as Tristan for whatever reason, so they had an actor pretend to be him and attending the Chilton event with Rory and Paris but why would he even be attending in the first place? Tristan didn’t graduate Chilton. He was expelled and sent to military school. If they were going to have past Chilton students at this event, why not Madeline and Louise? They would have given amazing chats.

Next up… problem with summer musicals.


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