Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Winter)


It seems very much like Amy Sherman Palladino wanted this revival to be like season eight or even her season seven if she had gotten the chance to do season seven. Both Amy Sherman Palladino and her husband, Daniel, left the series before season seven so she never got to end the show the way she envisioned and with this revival, she was finally getting her dream.

Now, there is a problem in this. The show is picking up nine years later yet both Rory and Lorelai are acting in very similar ways to how they were nine years earlier. We discover Rory has been hooking up with Logan for almost a decade. They’re doing a “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” type thing and Rory has also been dating a guy for two years. Paul, poor Paul. Paul is the forgotten boyfriend much like Barb in Stranger Things. The running gag is that everyone keeps forgetting about him. This gag goes from slightly amusing to just downright mean in a matter of seconds. This makes Rory seem like kind of a jerk and it makes me question Lorelai as well for not calling Rory out on this, just telling her she needs to dump Paul. Although, maybe I shouldn’t question it because it seems very much like Lorelai as well as everyone around them holds Rory up as a person who can do no wrong. Remember when she broke up Dean’s marriage? No one blamed Rory. Rory was still held up as an angel.

Now, in 2016, Rory is a freelance writer who has published one story in the New Yorker. I love how proud Luke is of her, going so far as to print it on the back of his menus, but she’s still struggling. She’s leading a sort of vagabond existence. Yet, despite her struggles with finding her place she still manages to have enough money to fly back and forth constantly between Connecticut and London for what seems to be a booty call. It’s as if the Palladinos want us to truly believe that Rory is floundering but she’s floundering with money so there is that. It’s hard to feel sorry for her because she’s never really truly struggled. She grew up in a world where she was considered perfect and could do no wrong. She was brought up to believe that she was entitled to the best because she is the best and even when she makes poor decisions like grand larceny or adultery, it’s someone else’s issue and not her’s. In Rory’s nomadic existence, she has no place to live and instead of just sending boxes back to her home, she sends them to her mom’s, her grandmother’s, Lane’s and Paris’ which is confusing but I guess makes for a long running gag about her looking for her lucky dress. Why would she not keep her boxes in one place? It also strikes me as taking advantage.

As for Lorelai and Luke, they have been together for nine years and the conversation of marriage and children has never come up? Seems very hard to believe. It seems like the Palladinos want us to truly forget season seven ever took place. The thing is, Lorelai and Luke did get back together at the end of season seven. While the finale might not have been what everyone hoped for, Lorelai’s story did end happily in season seven. This story line where Lorelai and Luke have never discussed marriage and kids in the almost ten years they’d been together seemed rather unbelievable and forced. If we are to believe that this conversation was never brought up then Emily Gilmore is completely correct in saying that Luke and Lorelai are nothing more than roommates. They’re roommates with benefits.

Winter does show flashbacks to Richard’s funeral and Emily and Lorelai coming to terms with the death of the Gilmore Patriarch.  The fight between Emily and Lorelai in the kitchen after the funeral was epic and showed both Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham in perfect form although what came before that fight struck me as strange. While being pressed to remember some fond story about her father, Lorelai could not think of anything and ended up rambling about some story where she was neglected in a steamer trunk. She was not able to recall a single story? Once again, I know we’re supposed to pretend like season seven did not exist but here was an example where it really should have. What about that moment during that last episode when Stars Hollow had put together that surprise party for Rory and Richard told Lorelai he was proud of her? That could not have been a story? The steamer trunk neglect story would have fit had it been told sixteen years ago. The fight though, that was epic and Emily really was the true MVP of this episode and seeing her in jeans was truly amazing.

Although, did anyone else see parallels of Lorelai and Emily starting to form? Lorelai firing every celebrity chef at the Dragonfly seemed eerily similar to Emily firing every maid. Perhaps that fits into the whole circle of life thing? This seems to be a recurring theme throughout the series. Maybe Lorelai is slowly turning into Emily despite every attempt to fight against it.

I did love that both Lane and Paris made appearances in this but I wish there had been more. Rory didn’t really appear to be that close to either one of them anymore but still uses them to keep her stuff at their places? I did love Paris as a fertility doctor that meets with Lorelai and Luke to discuss surrogacy and Luke’s confusion about surrogacy was amusing. Emily though was the best here,  figuring out how to survive without her husband of fifty years is heart wrenching. The majority of Kelly Bishop’s scenes were with the late Edward Hermann and it was difficult to watch. The actors as well as the characters were saying goodbye. Winter was truly meant as a tribute in many ways as the entire series was just that. A tribute.




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