Two Shows I Watch Are Probably Getting Canceled and I Have the Sadness

Yesterday, Jethro Nededog wrote this article for the Business Insider about eighteen shows which are in danger of being canceled:

Now,  of the shows he listed, I don’t really watch like sixteen of them. I tried watching Blacklist once and fell asleep and then just forgot about watching it completely. I didn’t watch the Blacklist Redemption one, either.  I’ve never heard of Making History or Powerless or the Agent Shield Marvel show. I never watched Code: Black, Ransom, Sleepy Hollow, Blindspot, Elementary, Pure Genius, Quantico, Training Day, or Rosewood. I didn’t even know there was a Criminal Minds spinoff and I kept meaning to watch American Crime but totally forgot. So for the most part, I’m fine. I’ll get through the pain and heartache. I don’t think I will be missing those shows at all.

The two that make me a little sad are the two that I will focus on. For more information about the other shows, click on the link above and then you can go through your own feelings of sadness and write about it.

New Girl

The show which began in 2011, filled the void in my obsession filled heart that had been left there by Friends. New Girl was Friends if they all lived in one loft apartment. It starred Zooey Deschanel as a quirky, fun girl named, Jessica Day and even the name was just perfect. She moves into a loft with the most amazing cast which included Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone, They gave us memorable storylines, laughs, and tears and quotes that still bring smiles. We wanted to live in that loft. We wanted to have drinks with Nick in his bar. We understood the bond between Winston and his cat. Throughout the seasons, there was also the on-again-off-again/will they or won’t they saga between Jess (Deschanel) and Nick (Johnson) which in many ways, played so much better than the Ross/Rachel story ever did.

Nick was grumpy, funny, weirdly wise yet simple. Jess was an overly optimistic school principal who by the way made running a school look surprisingly easy considering she was never there, but we won’t get into that. The point is that Nick and Jess did the on again-off again plot that has been a mainstay in every show since the beginning of time incredibly well. You did root for them. They were the very definition of opposites attract. Where Ross could be very controlling and possessive, Nick and Jess were sweet and innocent.

Nick and Jess though weren’t the only couple to root for, there was CeCe (Simone) and Schmidt (Greenfield) and Winston (Morris) and Aly, played by Nasim Pedrad who joined the show in 2015. CeCe and Schmidt eventually married and by the most recent episode were expecting a baby, Winston and Aly got engaged and Nick and Jess ended that final episode making out in an elevator. Much like how Friends ended because the six characters were now all officially in the next stage of their lives, the stage where families are starting to be formed, it seems that Jess, Nick, CeCe, Schmidt, Winston, and Aly are all in that next stage. While it would be strange to see them all living together next season and Schmidt and CeCe now have their own home…..

…..I’m not ready to say goodbye.

I still want one more season. One more round of True American. I want to see CeCe and Schmidt starting their family.  I want to see a wedding for Aly and Winston. I want to see Nick and Jess figuring themselves out without constant input from the others. I think they have a season left. There are stories and I do hope to see them. The goodbye of the last episode didn’t feel final. It’s not really a series finale. It felt like a season finale. It kind of reminded me of the last episode of Gilmore Girls back in 2007. It was a nice ending but it wasn’t a series finale. New Girl has always reminded me of Friends and just like they got a goodbye and Gilmore Girls did eventually get their goodbye, I think New Girl deserves the same treatment.

The Odd Couple

While this show has never been a ratings juggernaut and was always close to the chopping block, I always held out hope that it would keep going, giving Matthew Perry another long-running series to add to his resume. Since Friends ended in 2004, he’s had a string of one-season shows. There was the severely underrated and should have had a second season, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, there was a show he created, Mr. Sunshine and another show that really should have been given a chance to grow, Go On. Finally, he seemed to have a hit with The Odd Couple.

The Odd Couple was a remake for those who don’t know of the Neil Simon classic. What made this different wasn’t just Matthew Perry as Oscar. Yes, his fanbase drew people in but the rest of the cast kept them there. Thomas Lennon, Yvette Nicole Brown, Lindsay Sloan, and Wendell Pierce held their own and it became an ensemble show which was not true of the original. Lennon was the perfect Felix for Perry’s Oscar and Brown, Sloan and Pierce were far from supporting. It was a cute show, funny, sweet, and the actors were and are likable. Was it a deep show? No. Not entirely. It wasn’t meant to be. Garry Marshall had been the one to first develop The Odd Couple into a television series back in 1970 and this current reincarnation stuck to the Marshall legacy. It more than upheld it. No sex. No drugs. No rock and roll. Well, maybe some rock and roll but not a lot. It will be sad to see this one go, if only because it will be sad to not see those actors on my screen every week.

Now, unlike New Girl where it can go either way, it doesn’t look too good for The Odd Couple as Matthew Perry tweeted this:

Seems a little harsh, by the way. It feels like the Hollywood version of ghosting. I also am curious how he found that out.  Did someone text him a picture? Was he there while they were painting? It just sounds cruel and it can’t be good news. I do have to give credit to Yvette Nicole Brown for her optimism:


I love this so much! I hope she’s right and if she is well….’cause the CBS Radford Studios are super close to Laurel Tavern and the home of some really good burgers, if they do get picked up…..I hope they go celebrate with burgers and if they don’t, well they really should have the burgers ’cause they’re good. Also, if you need someone to follow on Twitter, I suggest following Yvette Nicole Brown. Her tweets are the best of just all the things. Oh, and as an educator, I will always applaud her for her dedication to teachers and also her optimism.

So my final thoughts….while the fate is up in the air for New Girl and The Odd Couple’s fate may already be sealed, my apologies to Yvette Nicole Brown, no matter what happens, I will definitely miss those two shows. Were they perfect? No. Were there times where I went, “wait, what?” Yeah but I also do that a lot…..both of these shows hit what they needed to hit.  They were wildly different yet were both wildly entertaining in their own ways. We need both.

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