An Open Letter to Hollywood Darlings and Why It Makes Me Happy

Dear Christine Lakin, Beverley Mitchell and Jodie Sweetin,

Thank you for Hollywood Darlings and for bringing nostalgia back.

Thank you for the ultimate in fun nostalgia for all those kids in the 90’s who know how to sing the themes songs to Step By Step, 7th Heaven and Full House on cue.

Thank you for giving us a moment to escape which was the true essence of 90’s television and we need it more than ever.

Thank you for bringing that to Hollywood Darlings and thank you for helping the fans relive the wonders of Al Lambert, Stephanie Tanner, and Lucy Camden.

Thank you for filling each episode with tons of 90’s stars: Patrick Duffy. Staci Keanan. Andrea Barber. Nicholle Tom. Jaleel White. Soleil  Moon Frye. Lori Beth Denberg. Tamera Mowry….it is so packed and so awesome to see all of them. I loved that, for the most part, we did get to see a very mini Full House reunion and a very mini Step by Step reunion.

Maybe for season two, Jessica Biel and I heard she was married to some singer guy from a 90’s band…..wonder whatever happened to him?

Now, I’d like to be kinda weird and address you each individually if I may….

Christine Lakin is underrated and also I want to be her friend and appear on her podcast, Worst Podcast Ever. Now, I realize this all sounds creepy and borderline desperate and slightly obnoxious but let me explain.  First, she’s hilarious on Hollywood Darlings and second, her stories on Worst Podcast Ever are just the best. Okay, can I please mention Angela Watson?

Holy crapballs, Batman!

I mean, I guess there won’t be a Step by Step reunion and I did love hearing Staci Keanan on the podcast as I’ve been a fan of hers since My Two Dads and I love that she’s doing so well but wow, the whole Angela Watson saga was heartbreaking. I definitely felt for Christine Lakin when she explained what happened. I’ve had so many “friendships” like that where you give your heart and then without warning, they decide you’re no longer worth their time and do not give you any explanation. It’s one of the most painful experiences and while I don’t know Christine personally (although I have been tempted several times to friend request her on Facebook) I hate when anyone goes through something like that.

I loved the female characters on Step by Step. Dana was who I probably was, Karen was who I wanted to be and Al was the perfect mixture of both. They each brought something so different to the table and I’m glad there’s a friendship still going with Staci Keanan and the reunion they had with Patrick Duffy on Hollywood Darlings was nothing short of perfection. Maybe for Season 2, Suzanne Somers….she can bring the thigh master?

Jodie Sweetin is amazing. I love comeback stories. I love stories of people who put themselves back together. Post Full House, the road clearly hasn’t been easy for Jodie Sweetin and yet seeing her on Fuller House, seeing her be sarcastic and hilarious on Hollywood Darlings, it makes me happy. Stephanie Tanner was always the best Tanner. My apologies to Candace Cameron and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen but Stephanie could drive a damn car into a house and suffer no consequences, that is pretty badass and the next week, it was as if it never happened.

There’s a strength there that is unmatched and it’s exciting to watch. It gives credence to Matthew Perry’s quote that broken people don’t need to stay broken.

When she was on Christine Lakin’s podcast, she talked about her time working at a treatment center. She talked about loyalty to her daughters. There’s something amazing to watch there and as a fan, it makes me happy. Yes, this may sound weird and creepy as well but when you watch someone not only break through obstacles but overcome them and crush them as well, it gives the rest of us who are struggling hope…..although, word of advice having read how she broke her ankle: stay away from fences.

I want Beverley Mitchell to organize my life. I strive to be how she is on Hollywood Darlings but seem to fall short. I want to go shopping with her, listen to her stories because I think she’s got some stuff to tell. I will be blunt and my apologies to Beverley Mitchell but of the three shows, I wasn’t always the biggest fan of 7th Heaven. It did sometimes make me slightly angry with stories that seemed to be way too over the top and I didn’t mind Stephanie Tanner driving into a house!

I remember once there was one episode featuring Beverley Mitchell’s character desperate to get out of jury duty, only to go and find the defendant was an ex-boyfriend and all I could think was–what did he do? There’s the story! It was never explained but still in Hollywood Darlings, Beverley Mitchell might just be the person I relate to the most. I want an assistant to answer my phone and tell people I’m busy. I don’t like to go out too late and I would do a 90’s sleepover party as I was never that wild either. I feel you, Beverley Mitchell, going out after 10 is just ridiculous.

I am now ending this week’s open letter and while I know I will never get a chance to discuss my worst dates ever or worst job experiences ever on the Worst Ever Podcast….or get to ask wildly inappropriate questions which will make everyone feel slightly awkward….nor will I ever get asked to sing a Full House/Step by Step/7th Heaven theme song mash up which will make everyone scream for the pain to stop….even though those dreams will never occur….here’s to a nostalgic filled second season of Hollywood Darlings!

Thanks for bringing back the 90’s!



P.S. Also because everyone needs a theme song







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