Meredith Lee.

Writer. Teacher. Blogger. Pop Culture Enthusiast. Expert Snacker.


Twitter: @meralee727

While attending Pitzer College, I was an intern at Universal Pictures, VH1: Behind the Music, Spelling Productions (Beverly Hills, 90210) and The Paley Center for Media. At each of these internships, I was responsible for script coverage, transcribing, taking notes during meetings and assisting on various productions. I am listed as an intern on the Behind the Music for Sting and created a history of comedy documentary for the Paley Center. During this time, I also wrote, produced and directed a twenty two minute sitcom entitled, Together, which drew inspiration from Friends. I graduated in 2000 with a degree in Media Studies and soon after landed a job at the public relations firm, Bragman Nyman Cafarelli. While there I worked on the Playstation 2 Launch Party and collected editorial calendars from different publications.

I attended graduate school at Phillips Graduate Institute where I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2005 and began working as a Teacher’s Assistant at The Help Group where I worked with children with disabilities ranging from mild to severe. While working at The Help Group, I taught life skill courses, subbed, worked as a one on one and took classes in behavioral management. During a summer program, I reworked and rewrote Grease to make it adaptable to teenagers with autism and emotional disturbance. In addition, I went back to school to obtain a Masters in Elementary Education from Pepperdine as well as a Preliminary Level 1 teaching credential from California State University: Northridge which allows me to work with students who have special needs.

Since leaving The Help Group in 2011, I have worked as a Resource Teacher and an Educational Therapist where I have been responsible for collecting data on the academic progress of students I’ve worked with. I have worked with students who have disabilities ranging across the spectrum. I’ve worked one on one and with small groups, aiding students from ages five to twenty-one. I’ve also been responsible for drafting academic and behavioral goals as well as conducting academic assessments in order to gauge student abilities.

While education has taken up the majority of my professional journey, my other passion has not gone ignored. I have taken UCLA Extension courses in fiction writing, script writing, marketing and grant writing. I wrote a Young Adult fiction called, Choose and am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I’ve written articles about relationships for Thrillist and an article I wrote about growing up hearing impaired appeared on HelloGiggles. I have also begun volunteering up to 15 hours a week in order to foster more professional connection


20 thoughts on “BIO

  1. Hi. See that your trying to get back on your path to write life for the living. I got access to a story about kids that grew up in Brooklyn in the 90s. Funny but real serious stuff.

  2. All that in a young lifetime and a 24-hour’s day. Ok. Lemme see how much I’ve missed in my life so far…;-)

  3. Wow! That is who you are! I follow you on twitter and really enjoy your tweets, but was kind of like “who is this funny women who is always in my feed saying this shit? She is so damn prolific. How does this mute thing work?” I swear if my wife looks at my feed she is going to think we are having an affair. Well, until she looks at you. Then she will just go back to doing whatever she was doing.

    Jokes aside- love your tweets and appreciate your hard work. I hope you find that ever elusive magical job you are looking for, but please make sure it does not interfere with your tweet schedule.

  4. Thank you so much for turning me on to your blog!!! I found you on Twitter and absolutely love your tweets. I enjoyed reading your Bio and see how much you have accomplished. I am a fan, big time!

  5. Good morning and Happy New Year Meredith!!! I hope you are well and enjoying your life challenges etc. Take care and keep in touch my beautiful Friend. Peace.

  6. Wow! What a nice resume. The path you have chosen is admirable and one I wish more people might follow. I’m confident the successes you see are so rewarding. As a father of 7 adopted special needs children I wish my kids had crossed your path. I wish you continued success.

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